Sue Hayes


Chartered Physiotherapist

Sue has been an excellent Physiotherapist for over 30 years and in that time she has treated every injury and condition many times! This is why Sue is able to deal effectively with any ache, pain, strain or injury that comes in front of her.

A clear, experienced head gives a quick accurate diagnosis of all back pain, neck pain, shoulder pinching, wrist stabbing issues as well as hip pain, groin issues and knee swelling and ankle problem. Once the diagnosis has been made then years of experience allows Sue to set the perfect treatment program, from manual therapy to exercise, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy.

Her happy demeanour always puts patients at their ease and much laughter is heard from her treatment room!

Sue qualified in 1985 from St Thomas Hospital. She has worked in out-patients for the NHS and privately since 1987. She developed an interest in sports medicine through working with Northampton Saints Rugby Club and subsequently obtained a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

Sue is a life long supporter of the Saints and regularly attends the games. Outside of this Sue keeps very busy with a large and well cared for garden.