Wrist Pain

Falls onto the wrist are the most common wrist issue, resulting in sprains and even fractures.

Carpal tunnel causes a of pain and functional difficulty and can be helped by Physiotherapy.

If you have burning, pins and needles or weakness it can be from the wrist. However, it is likely to be referred from the neck. Get it checked out soon!

With age comes, unfortunately, wear and tear and joint changes, but you don’t need to ‘just put up with it!’ There is a lot you can do to help with wear and tear. We need to mobilise the stiff joints and improve the strength and control around them.

Stiff wrist joints are common and are often overlooked. The two rows of carpal bone are a complex mechanical structure, all requiring each other to move properly. If one gets tight then others have to take over leading to stress and pain. Mobilisation techniques can have a profound influence on these joints, even years after they have become stuck and ‘put up with’!

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