Lower Back or Pelvis Pain

This is hard to differentiate as lower back and pelvis pain just feel like it hurts across the lower back and refers into the hips and bum muscles.

The lower back is felt around here, above the line of the pelvis.

The pelvis is lower, onto the bony parts, and, if painful, felt here.

The lower back or lumbar spine is typically much more locally painful in the area than the pelvis. Issues in the pelvis arise from the Sacro Iliac joint (SIJ). The SIJ gives tightness in the bum and hamstring but is not usually painful apart from when you try to run or exercise.

Lower back pain however can be very painful and can give sharp pain into the buttock, groin, thigh and lower leg as far as the foot.

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  • Low Back

    Over 90% of the population suffer from a bad back at some point in their life. It is not surprising that low back pain is the most common thing seen in the clinic.

    We are very good at treating every sort of low back pain problem, from simple strains to complex disc and joint issues.

    Pain can be central or off to one side of the back. It can be stiff and achy as well as acutely painful and disabling.

    • Stiff and achy is more likely to be muscular or facet joint.
    • Acute pain is a sign of a disc, nerve (sciatica) or bony issue like a fracture.

    Pain in the spine is often accompanied by discomfort to the side of the back as well as pain and tightness in the bum muscles and into the hamstring. This is ‘referred’ pain or sciatica. Its origin is in the back where the nerve is being irritated, but the symptom is felt in the leg.

    There are four main causes of back pain.

    1. Facet joints
    2. Discs
    3. Nerve / Sciatica
    4. Muscles

    Check the following links to differentiate between each of the types of pain, as well as some of the less common ones.

    If you have spine or back pain and experience any change in your bowel or bladder control you should contact your GP or Accident and Emergency immediately for further investigations and / or advice.

  • Pelvis

    The Sacro-iliac joint is the main issue here, more often in athletes and runners. It is less acutely painful than a spinal issue although referred pain from the spine confuses the diagnosis.

    Nerve pains like sciatica as well ad gluteal muscle and tendon issues are all treated by Physios on a daily basis.