Hand Pain

A wonderful piece of engineering comprising 27 bones in each and numerous tendons and nerves alongside blood vessels and joints.

Chartered Physiotherapists are especially skilled at treating hands and work on the most common tendon issues, through to painful nerves and fractures/ surgery. Arthritis Research and Therapy found that ‘there is emerging high-quality evidence to support that rehabilitation interventions can offer significant benefits to individuals with hand OA.’

Follow the links to find your type of issue. Hands are especially complicated and a thorough assessment is the best way to be sure – so give us a call!

  • Hand

    The majority of the issues here are to do with the tendons, often from repetitive strain or traumatic strain like falls or catching games like cricket.

    Please don’t just ignore these because it is ‘only your finger’. Incorrect repair will cause lots of issues later on in life.

    The knuckles become a problem as we get older but, again, don’t just think it is just age. Get it looked at as we can help.

  • Fingers and Thumb

    Most issues are traumatic – fractures or sprains and strains. These are the most common things we treat.

    Issues with the tendons clicking and catching need to be checked out – not ignored!

    Wear and tear is inevitable for all of us – especially physios! However there is lots that can be done to help so don’t suffer in silence.