Foot Pain

Feet are one of our particular specialities, not least because of the number of runners we see. Most common is the Plantar Fascia under the heel. Next are toe issues with tendon imbalances and nerve issues like Morton’s Neuroma. Further, especially in runners, stress fractures of the mid foot like the Navicular and the metatarsals are frequently returned to full training.

The foot puts up with a lot of abuse and suffers numerous problems. Most of which are treatable with a variety of manual, exercise and bio-mechanical methods.


  • Front

    Stress fractures in the navicular and metatarsals can be hard to properly diagnose because of their variable and often unclear signs and symptoms. We have seen many over the years and this is an area where experience certainly helps a lot. 

    The same is true of Morton’s as it is quite subtle and this is linked closely with toe dysfunctions, such as sesamoiditis, giving pain in the ball of the foot.

  • Back (Heel)

    The most common issue is Plantar Fasciitis on the bottom of the heel. See the link.

    Less common is simple bone bruising from impact of both the heel bone and fat pad.

    Stiffness of the heel joint or the sub-talar joint, is common in poor bio-mechanics or over pronation and mobilisation of this comes as part of a package of work to improve how the leg moves.