Elbow Pain

The British Journal of General Practice in 2015 states that ‘elbow pain is a common presenting symptom arising from any component of the joint including tendons, bursae, bones, or nerves. It is a commonly dislocated joint, especially in children (‘pulled elbow’). Tendinopathies (lateral and medial epicondylitis) can result from a number of popular sports and activities of daily living. Rheumatoid (inflammatory), post-traumatic, and primary osteoarthritis are three primary patterns of arthritis affecting the elbow.’

The most common issue we treat is tendon pain, commonly labelled Tennis and Golfer’s elbow. This is a specific pain on the outside or inside of the elbow where the forearm muscles attach onto the bone. It is painful to grip and lift things and is usually caused by repeated stress like hitting a tennis or golf ball. The problems often start in the neck and shoulder where the nerve is affected.

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Joint issues with the elbow are relatively uncommon but we have an excellent record for rehabilitating some very nasty multiple fractures. Other joint issues are catching pains in the back of the joint. These are often caused by throwing or hitting type activities or indeed rugby…. as seen here…

The front of the elbow has a number of tendons including the Biceps muscle. There is a common injury involving the tendon which is very sore deep in the front of the joint, particularly when lifting.