Achilles Pain

The Achilles is the strongest tendon in the body and it’s one of the most common problems we treat.

The forces through the Achilles tendon are huge. It is estimated that hops exert around 5.5 times body weight through the tendon.

The issues are with poor bio-mechanics constantly overloading one specific area alongside poor strength and control. Correcting these problems are essential for a good recovery alongside specific local treatment to promote healing.

“Conservative management is the first line of treatment for chronic Achilles tendinopathies.” From this research by Egger et al in 2017.


  • Mid Tendon

    The pain is usually felt more to the inside of the tendon itself – not next to the bone. Tendons are generally sore to poke so compare it with the other leg to see if you have found the right part. There may be a spot of thicker, fibrous tissue.

    These types of Achilles issues can be due to tearing or over-loading of the tendon. It is usually a chronic build up of little strain on little strain, rather than a sudden tear.

    Physiotherapy will determine the extent of the issues but also identify the reasons why you have overloaded the tendon. You will be given work to strengthen the calf and Achilles with specific regimes which have excellent research behind them, as well as additional work to change your biomechanics.

    We also use manual techniques and shockwave therapy (Extra Corporal Shock Wave Therapy) to promote tendon repair. The combination has been shown to provide the best and most permanent solution to the problem.

  • Tendon insertion to heel

    There are three main issues and pain can be from one or all of these!

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