Abdominal Pain

Muscle strains in the ‘six-pack’ or the surrounding muscles is quite common from gardening and lifting as well as explosive twisting sports such as netball and throwing as in cricket. These present as a specific pain in the muscles and you can often recall what you did to cause it.

The Sportsman’s Hernia is often overlooked and misdiagnosed by Doctors as a muscle strain but can produce long term issues with a low-level ache in the low abdomen, groin and inner thigh, especially when exercising.

Deeper issues can be found with the Visceral fascia, the deep fibrous tissues that hold the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys in place. These can be issues like irritable bowel and undiagnosed abdominal issues that have defied medical investigation.

All of the above abdominal issues are things that we deal with daily. Do not think that tummy things are not the realm of a Physio! They are!