Hand Surgery

With the vast majority of hand surgeries, hand or physiotherapy is essential to maximise the benefits of surgery and assist you in achieving your post-operative goals. We have specialist hand physiotherapists who can help you get the best recovery possible.

Post-operative rehabilitation is designed in line with a patient’s individual goals but includes:
• To help with pain and swelling control
• Specific splinting; either custom-made in the clinic or off-the-shelf
• Increasing strength and range of movement when safe to do so
• To increase general function in the hand, provide or advise any splints required postoperatively
• To help manage the scar.

In some cases, there may also need to be treated with the aim of reducing hypersensitivity after surgery, as there are so many tiny nerve endings in the hand and depending on the type of surgery.
There are many types of hand surgeries and the exact care afterwards varies on the surgeon and the type of operation you have had done.

Some of the most common are:
• Dupuytren’s release
• Trigger finger release
• Carpal tunnel decompression
• Thumb trapeziectomy
• Ligament or tendon reconstructions