Visceral Fascia Disorders

The viscera is all of our internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines. These are all held in place by fascia which is connective tissue. This is a gossamer-like webbing that holds each organ in place as well as the blood vessels and nerves that supply them. The fascia can become stiff and tight, possibly after surgery, trauma or poor posture, movement function or emotional stress. This, in turn, leads to pain and dysfunction from the organs themselves, such as irritable bowel type issues. They can also affect the musculoskeletal systems to which they attach, for example, the liver and the ribs and diaphragm.

Careful assessment and mobilisation of these facial tissues can treat all sorts of issues from lower back pain to recurrent musculoskeletal issues and other disorders. We assess these areas alongside all other structures as part of a full examination, especially in long term chronic issues which perhaps have not been assessed as fully before.

Further Information & Case Studies