Tibiofibular Joint

The tibiofibular joint is found at the top outside of the knee. There are a number of issues that arise around here. The lateral ligament attaches into the top of it and some of the fibres of the Iliotibial band also attach. There are some deep ligaments in the back of the knee which come across to it and the Common Peroneal nerve wraps around the fibula just below the joint itself. There are of course thick ligaments holding the joint itself together.

Large trauma can cause problems and indeed it can be irritated by alterations in the ankle joint function. More commonly the joint becomes stiff and this affects the function of the knee joint and the way in which the Common Peroneal nerve moves. This can then give a wide variety of symptom in the knee itself and into the shin.

It is an often overlooked joint because of the wide and odd symptoms it can produce from actual pain in the knee and shin to burning and nerve pains. Dysfunction in the joint can also affect the ankle as well.

Treatment is by mobilisation of the joint to restore normal motion

Occasionally the joint can become hypermobile where there is too much motion. This causes similar pain, often more nerve based, and the use of tape and strapping to stabilise the joint while allowing it to stiffen up the first port of call.