There are numerous muscles on the front of the hip. The main ones are (from outside to inside):

  1. TFL – at the outside front of the hip – a hip flexor attaching from the front of the pelvis.
  2. Rectus Femoris – one of the quad muscles which starts just underneath the front of your pelvis bone and travels down the front of the thigh to the knee cap
  3. Sartorius – from the same point at the top of the iliac crest but going diagonally down to the inside of the knee
  4. Psoas / Iliacus – a couple of muscles deep in the front of the hip
  5. Pectineus – into the groin area above the stringy adductor longus.
  6. Adductor Longus – the stringy one that starts from the pubis bone. See Adductor page

At the side of the pelvis you find the lateral gluteal muscles which can become strained although less common.

A torn muscle or strain usually appears suddenly and is often more acutely painful.

A strain or over stretch usually tightens up after a run or is more tight and achy during it.

Sprains and strains are usually caused by fatigue, lack of strength, a sudden change in direction or over stretching. We consider all these when thinking about how to rehab them. With manual therapy, some electrotherapy and exercise muscles will recover. It is essential to look at the causes as well though.

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