Quadriceps Muscle Strain

Lunging, jumping slipping and kicking are common ways to strain this muscle. For all that it does, it is not often hurt but when it is it affects everything you do. The Quadriceps straightens the knee and flexes the hip and as such is used in everything from getting out of a chair to running and kicking.

When you have a severe injury there is a specific point of pain to press in the muscle and pain is also felt when stretching as well as contracting the muscle. When there is less damage there is no real pain to contract or stretch but there is a lot of tightness and ache. The grades are quite general and there are lots of different presentations and degrees of damage.

All need to be assessed thoroughly and treatment commenced early to get the best result. In the more minor strains, modified training is often possible and we will try to hit the right balance between allowing the tissue to heal and keeping your fitness going.

Manual therapy, electrotherapy and graded exercise to build the strength in the healing tissues as well as looking at why the injury occurred and if there are longer-term overloading issues that would cause a repeat injury make up the treatment package of choice.