Myofascial Release

Written by Keith Allen-Shirtcliffe

Myo: Muscle.  The prefix myo in anatomy means we are talking about muscle tissue.

Fascia: One of the many types of soft tissue in our bodies.  This is the connective tissue that holds our bodies together.  It comes in various forms and has many functions such as surrounding individual muscles or a few muscles together in a compartment.

Myofascial Tightness: Relates to an area of muscle and connective tissue that has become too constricted no longer as pliable as it should be.

One of the many hands-on treatments that Physiotherapists use is called myofascial release.  This usually involves stretching muscle and fascia to release tightness that may be causing pain or indirectly causing problems.  Tight soft tissues can often be the cause of problems elsewhere in the body.

Treatment can sometimes be extremely light, allowing fascia that lies just under the skin to gently give and release its tension.  Sometimes deep tissues require a lot of pressure from the Physio.  This can be quite uncomfortable, but it is usually worth it!