This is a pain in the sole of the foot – often described as feeling like walking on glass or a stone. Very sharp but also has burning, pins and needles and numbness from where the nerves are being pinched. 

The foot has two arches. The usual one is from front to back on the inside of the foot. The second is from the big toe to the little. The transverse arch allows numerous tendons and nerves to comfortably slide and glide as you walk or run with the majority of the weight being taken on the big and little toe. If the Transverse arch becomes flattened then the ball of the foot – under the second and third toes in particular, squashes the tendons and nerves causing the problems.

A True Morton’s Neuroma is where the nerve has been damaged. It is treated with Physio as a starter working on changing how you use the foot to take the pressure off. There are common bio mechanical issues around the toes which lead to the problem.

Come and get it assessed before it becomes a big problem that needs injections or surgery – which is the last resort!