Medial Ligament Strain

This thick strap like ligament on the inside of the knee joint is really the only structure holding this part together. It is commonly injured in sports such as football and rugby in the tackle. However, with ongoing wear and tear and thickening of the joint line, this ligament can become irritated and strained. Often poor biomechanics that allows the knee to roll in overloads the ligament leading to stiffness and pain.

Case courtesy of Dr Varun Babu, From the case rID: 61926

A tear of the ligament at the top end gives immediate swelling and pain as well as instability and you know you have ‘done something’. A more subtle strain can niggle on with tenderness after use but day to day recovery but for the odd twisting pain. All of them need to be treated correctly to allow them to heal. This needs to be some offloading to allow the fibres to heal and progressive exercise to build the strength and stability back into the ligament. Getting the strength back in the whole of the leg is essential as well as addressing any long term biomechanical issues that may be contributing.

There is a lot that can be done so get it seen!