Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is one of those operations that are often a revelation in terms of pain relief and functional improvement. The pain of a truly arthritic knee is debilitating both in simple things such as steps and walking but also it is painful at night and interrupts sleep constantly.

Case courtesy of Dr Jeremy Jones, From the case rID: 8789

We deal with many arthritic knees and keep them going as long as we can. However, when the time comes, with our surgical colleagues, we work hard to restore the function as quickly as possible – with excellent outcomes.

The key is in getting the knee as prepared as possible prior to the operation with strength and control work. It is not just about the quads but the whole leg, as well as general fitness.

Once the operation is completed then there is no benefit in sitting around! You have to get up and on with it. This can be sore in the early days and we work with you to get the right balance. However, working through this stage reaps its rewards and the quicker you push on, under our guidance, the better.

We use a mix of manual work to restore the range of motion, hydrotherapy and exercise work to get the strength and control back. We are used to working with you and any gym membership you have to get an integrated rehabilitation program going.

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