Hip replacement

Pre and post-operative care of your hip replacement are vital to ensure a full restoration of function, strength and control out of the hip, as well as getting it pain-free. We have years of experience in helping patients do this and utilise manual therapy, exercise and hydrotherapy to get the best results for you.

Clearly, you need to work at it yourself and the best results are seen when that partnership between physio and patient works hand in hand.

The most common thought had after a hip replacement is ‘why didn’t I do it years ago’, because the results are often so good and have such a positive impact on daily life.

We work with both local and national Orthopaedic Surgeons and have clearly thought out protocols for each type of hip as well as the experience to tailor them to the individual as we progress. Discuss the rehabilitation with your surgeon and one of us to get the best plan in place.