Golfers Elbow

Similar to Tennis elbow, Golfer’s Elbow just on the inside of the forearm/elbow. This is also a condition that is often poorly treated. The focus is on the local sore spot and not on the underlying causes. These causes are to do with the neck and the nerves that flow out from there into the arm as well as the strength and control of the whole arm and the techniques of how the patient is using the arm and in the process, overloading the tendon. By just treating the local tenderness with injection you are only treating the symptom, not the cause. A sure recipe for recurrence – usually in a few weeks.

We treat with a combination of manual therapy, shockwave and exercise work for the tendon but in conjunction with neck and shoulder work and nerve mobilisation.

If you have a chronic case, don’t give up – we may well have the answer as we have had for many others over the years!

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