Gluteal Tendon

The lateral hip muscles, gluteus medius and minimus, attach from the side of the pelvis to the top of

the hip bone, the greater trochanter. They act as a hip stabiliser when you stand on one leg to stop the pelvis from dropping. Hence you use them a lot when you are walking and particularly running. They absorb a lot of force. Whilst not one of the most common tendons to become inflamed, they are similar to the Achilles and Patella tendons and can be often misdiagnosed and stubborn to treat.

They give a deep ache, especially when walking and running, become stiff after exercise and sleep, and are tender to press but not like a bursa, which they are often confused with.

Manual therapy works very well in combination with exercise and specific loading as well as modalities like shockwave and acupuncture. There is lots that can be done!