Integral with the ribs and thoracic spine as well as the visceral fascia, particularly the liver and blood vessels and oesophagus, this is a complex structure. Issues with posture, trauma, stress or scoliosis can lead to dysfunctions in how the diaphragm works. Treatment for the diaphragm often involves work for the ribs and trunk as well and it can be part of a wider issue and not necessarily the primary source of pain.

In runners, it is particularly common to have issues here with recurrent disabling stitches and breathing disorders being common.

Manual therapy and exercise are very effective in treating this area when, in many cases, the doctors have not been able to give a solution.

Don’t just put up with it! Get it sorted out. It is never too late. We have successfully treated patients who have had issues for decades. Some have even had surgical intervention without resolution before we have been happily able to help.