Calf Muscle

There are two main calf muscles, Gastrocnemius is the big one at the top of the calf and Soleus is lower down and under the Gastroc.

When should I seek help?

  • If you have pain to rise to tip toes, to hop and stretch then you have almost certainly torn the muscle tissue. It will not recover if you continue to try to run or do things that cause pain. There are many things Physios can do to help this heal.

  • If it is sore to stretch, but you can rise to tip toe and hop with mild tightness then it is more of a tightness or over stretch. This will recover in a couple of days and can be helped by massage, gentle stretching and rest from things that hurt it.
  • If it is not better in 4 days then you will benefit from seeing a Physio.

Rehabilitation should involve hands one treatment to assist the tissue healing. Exercise will progressively load the tissue to stimulate the strengthening of the healing tissues and build back into dynamic movements relevant to your sport and activity.