Biceps tendon tear

The insertion of the biceps into the forearm is in the front of the elbow joint. It attaches to the Radius and also turns the hand palm up. This gives power to movements like putting a screw in with a screwdriver – if you are right-handed. You have more power in your left hand for taking screws out!

A tear to the biceps tendon insertion is common with heavy lifting and treatment to ensure scar tissue is minimised and good strength is returned to the tendon is essential. There is a deep, sharp pain felt in the front of the joint and picking things up is difficult.

We have a number of strategies and treatments to ensure all this goes well. If it does not heal properly then it can be one of those irritating injuries that keep on coming back.

In the build-up to the 2011 Rugby world Cup Andrew Sheridan had a significant injury which took a lot of rehabilitation to get him fit to play on the world stage.

Get it looked at!

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