These two ligaments are within the knee joint itself and are responsible for its stability and control as well as effectively holding it together when we run or land on it. They stabilise the tibia (shin bone) under the femur (thigh bone).

They are one of the most common and complex of the knee injuries. They are often caused by trauma such as a football or rugby tackle or a skiing injury. The symptoms are immediate swelling, pain and dysfunction in the case of the ACL but the presentation and feeling of instability can be more subtle with the PCL.


Case courtesy of Dr Henry Knipe, From the case rID: 35168

PCL can involve more of a ‘locking out’ mechanism to the injury and can often be rehabilitated without reconstructive surgery. The ACL can also recover without surgery but it all depends upon the extent of the injury and whether the ligament is fully ruptured. The requirements of the patient in the longer term is a huge consideration and often proper rehabilitation for a period can give excellent functional recovery without the need for immediate surgery. However, we work with the best surgeons to make these decisions.

We are very used to assessing these and working with you to your best recovery. Don’t rely on haphazard rehab – intense and focused is the only way. We will use a mix of manual therapy and exercise, both in our rehabilitation gym as well as work in the hydrotherapy pool (where appropriate) and your own home or club gym.