Weakness with Pins and needles or neck pain

Weakness in the shoulder can be simply just that, your muscle is not strong enough to do the task you are asking it to perform. So you make your muscle bigger by repeating certain strengthening exercises over many weaks until that muscle has become stronger by muscle hypertrophy (getting larger!). However, there are certain conditions that affect the neck and shoulder that make our muscles weaker and therefore the shoulder weaker.

Tendons join muscles to bone and therefore pull the bone they are attached to into a position when the muscle is told to contract. But if the tendon is damaged then the tendon is no as effective +/- painful and you therefore feel the weakness due to the tendon being damaged or inflamed or torn.

Another reason for a shoulder or arm becoming weaker is all down to our bodies electrical circuit. If the cable that supplies that muscle is being compressed in the neck, then there is less current getting to the muscle and therefore it is weaker. This can also cause pins and needles or numbness in the arm or hand as well. Therefore, the neck can also be a cause of shoulder and arm weakness, and most certainly shoulder and arm pain as well. I actually now routinely treat the neck and nervous system alongside the shoulder as there is so much cross-over between the two.

The information below may be useful to you to help explain some of the causes of shoulder and arm pain and neurological symptoms such as weakness and pins and needles. This is only meant as a guide and please book in to see one of our very experienced Chartered Physiotherapy team either on line or phone 01604 601641 if you have any concerns.

Rotator cuff tears, Pectoralis Major rupture, Cervical Disc Prolapse, Degenerative Disc Disease, Stenosis/Spondylosis