Pain no restriction


This type of shoulder pain can manifest itself after one single event or activity or it can gradually come on over many weeks. The pain is generally not there at rest when the arm is still, the pain is most noticeable on use of the shoulder in a particular position or during a particular task. Commonly when moving the arm out to the side and above shoulder height the pain comes on and then once it has cleared the ‘catching’ point the pain eases, the pain then return’s once the arm is lowered through this point again. This is known as impingement syndrome or painful arc syndrome.

There are many causes of this condition from poor posture, variations in anatomy, weakness or tendon damage, age and over use. Not to mention the big one ‘SPORT’. The structure causing the pain can also vary massively, from tendon or bursa to scar tissue and calcific deposits.

Please have a look at impingement syndrome and some of the conditions that cause it, please note that the information below is only a rough guide and if you have shoulder pain, then please book at appointment with us to professionally diagnose the problem and develop a treatment plan for you.

Impingement syndrome, Calcific tendinitis, tendinitis and tendinosis, Bursitis,