Pain and severe restriction

The shoulder is an amazingly mobile joint and this is why when it goes wrong it really affects peoples lives. If you have pain with severe restriction then something has happened to your shoulder that needs urgent medical assessment by one of our team or your GP. The shoulder not to move when your muscles actively tell it to, then something has seriously gone wrong with the shoulder mechanism. Your body is very clever at protecting itself, pain, inflammation and spasm are the tools it uses to try and stop you moving a part of your body that is damaged.

The main pathologies are fractures, tendon tears (large full thickness), significantly inflamed impingement syndrome with secondary stiffness and finally one that does not fit the normal mould is a fully frozen shoulder. Tendon ruptures particularly, need early diagnosis and surgical repair to achieve the best outcome after surgery. These conditions will be assessed and diagnosed by your physiotherapist at WPB and then the appropriate treatment path then followed. We are specialised in the diagnosis of these conditions and the information below is just a guide for you. Please to not hesitate to book an appointment if you are at all concerned about your shoulder.

Rotator cuff tears (full thickness), Fully frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis), Fractures, Impingement syndrome with stiffness