Pain and restriction

Some patients suffer with both pain and moderate loss of movement in the shoulder. This is generally due to an inflammatory event in the either the acromio-clavicular joint (ACJ), sub acromial bursa (sac of fluid between bone and tendon), rotator cuff tendons or an injury to the shoulder joint itself/ligaments surrounding the joint. The pain and restriction can come of suddenly with an acute inflammatory reaction/swelling or the shoulder can become stiffer over many months due to pain in certain positions which naturally we then avoid putting the shoulder into.

Most of the inflammatory pathologies than cause pain and limitation in the shoulder can be attributed to impingement syndrome or osteoarthritis of the ACJ. There are many facets and elements to impingement syndrome and this is what your physiotherapist or Specialist Consultant Surgeon will investigate with you. Another differential diagnosis could be the early stages of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, this can also cause restriction of movement with pain.

Please have a read through some of the pathologies below to help give you an understanding of what might be causing your shoulder pain, , please note that the information below is only a rough guide and if you have shoulder pain, then please book at appointment with us to professionally diagnose the problem and develop a treatment plan for you.

Impingement syndrome, Calcific tendinitis, tendinitis and tendinosis, Bursitis, Adhesive capsulites or capsulitis