Foot Pain

Foot pain is something we specialise in. Our clinic has a close working relationship with Professor Bill Ribbans, Consultant Surgeon for foot and ankle conditions and with Walkrite Podiatrists Nicola Blower and John Chadwick.

We are developing specific treatment pathways for patients with what is¬†known as ‘Adult Acquired Flat Feet’. This is a hugely misunderstood condition that many people suffer without realising that there is much that can be done to help. Often it is just put up with because ‘I’ve just got my Gran’s feet’ or dismissed by GP’s as ‘nothing that can be done’.

This is wrong. There is much that can be done.

If you have pain in your feet, you notice that the arch is dropping or has dropped please do not just leave it. We can help but the sooner you get help the better.

These pages are being written at the moment and will in due course provide much more information. However please either see one of our Physios or the podiatrists for more immediate help.