Road Traffic Accident Treatment

Written by Claire Todd

Road Traffic Accidents are unfortunately inevitable and cause sudden and occasionally severe musculoskeletal injury and pain. Over the years of treating these conditions, and in association with the ongoing research, we have developed a particular skill and interest in RTA’s.

Whiplash is of course the most common aspect of RTAs. The neck is a complicated area of the body and a thorough and early assessment is essential to a rapid recovery. Research shows that early intervention and getting the patient off on the right path prevents much of the long term disability that can be a feature of such injuries.

It is always reassuring and helpful to have had an x-ray of areas affected to rule out bone injury. Once this has been done then a full Physiotherapy assessment will show up the areas that need work. Assessment will include joint range, ligament stability, muscular strain and tightness and much to do with the inter-relationship between the skull and the neck. One of the main areas requiring attention is the neural or nervous system. If this can be controlled and treated early then the outcome is so much better.

There are many other types of RTA injury and Physiotherapists with their holistic and thorough assessment and treatment of the whole body are uniquely placed to help you recover. We have a number of patients that we see relatively regularly to help minimise the affects of chronic injury on their daily life. Much progress can be made with these sorts of chronic conditions that perhaps have been discharged from hospital once the acute treatment has finished. Unfortunately the NHS does not allow for long term treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injury but it is in fact one of the things Physios do best.