Written by Mark Brennan

Manipulation can also be referred to as a high velocity thrust technique. It’s the type of treatment technique where the movement of the joint is quick and you often hear a click sound.

The idea behind the treatment is usually because there is a stubborn stiffness that is not resolving with other techniques or sometimes manipulation can be used as the first option. Other reasons why manipulation can be helpful is that it can cause a reflex to happen in tight muscles that lets the muscle relax and it may actually influence the signals your brain is receiving from that area of your body, reducing your pain. What is the click sound I hear you say! Well the truth is we cannot prove 100% what it is but it is likely due to an air pocket in the joint popping. What we do know is that it is not bones cracking!

Manipulation is a safe technique when used appropriately and on the right patient. It can be very effective. Your physiotherapist will discuss the pros and cons of manipulation before any technique is administered so you can make a decision if you feel it is a treatment you would be happy to be performed on you. If you are not keen (as some patients aren’t) then that’s absolutely fine. There is more than one way to skin a cat!