Reception Staff

Bridget Sanders

Bridget has been working for WPB since 2010. When she is not working she can be found riding her horse, walking with the dogs and generally organising the rest of her family!




Jess Smith

Jess has been working at WPB since 2013. Jess is a leading star / boring minion in the Banbury Amateur Operatics and can be seen on stage regularly.

Lindy Saunders

Lindy started in 2011 and has successfully fought her natural grumpiness to be a smiley happy presence on reception for years.

When not at work she recovers with Pimms.







Naomi Hinksman

Naomi joined WPB in 2006 when she was stolen away from her nursery supervisor role to become part of the Adminsitration team. Initially having no admin experience but being of the generation with a computer attached to the hand and an expert stapling ability she quickly became a “font of all knowledge” (Ed. According to Naomi)

Naomi is mainly based in recpetion but is happy to help with any query, big or small.