Maree Jesson

Contact 07867 853515

Maree qualified 10 years ago as a Sports Massage Therapist, and since then has been providing massage to a variety of clients.

She is also personal trainer and coaches runners and triathletes of all levels.

Maree enjoys spending time running and keeping fit. She enjoys competing in running events, Ironman triathlon, Ultra distance running and multistage events.  In addition to this, she regularly volunteers at running events to support others.

Maree has always loved endurance activities and is a strong believer in constantly pushing your personal boundaries. She has competed in many endurance events over the years, including the Comrades marathon, 6 Two Ocean Marathons, 4 Ironman World Championships, Multistage – Druid Challenge and multi-sport events. Training for the ‘Toughest Footrace on Earth.’ Marathon de Sables.

Maree is also a motivational speaker and has a Masters degree in Education. She links her passion and experiences from endurance sporting events to the personal motivational aspects that are required to succeed. Maree’s experiences in the education field world come from 15 years of Consulting, Inspecting, Leading and Teaching.

From this Maree has a desire to complete a PhD in Ultra Distance events/Sports injuries.