Sports Involvement

WPB has been involved in the care of elite sportsmen and women and teams for many years.

With Paul Witty, Phil Pask and Matt Lee Northampton Saints has been associated with the practice for 30 years. Matt is the current Head Physio at the Saints and Phil is a Director. Phil played for the club for many years and over 200 caps.

In the last 15 years the practice has become recognised for its ability to care for Elite Athletes.

England and Lions Rugby

Rugby has developed hugely over this time and Phil has been at the forefront of the development of the England RFU Elite Squad Medical team. Phil has been Physiotherapist to the England team since the early 90’s. At this time the commitment was a couple of days prior to a 5 Nations game. This role has changed hugely and a 6 Nations Tournament is a 6 to 8 week ‘Tour’ in effect. Further to this Phil’s role with England is to constantly monitor and assist in the care of the players on a day to day basis. This has meant less time at the practice but more time travelling around the Clubs. England Rugby is now seen as being at the pinacle of Elite Professional Sport and the Medical Service is constantly striving to be top class.

Phil has been part of the WOrld Cup winning side of 2003 and asked to travel on the last two British and Irish Lions Tours as Senior Physiotherapist.


 British Olympic Team and UK Athletics

Mark has been Physiotherapist to the UK Athletics Team since 1994. This has meant more trips with the team than he can now remember but has included two Olympic Games and this year will be the 15th European Cross Country and next year hopefully will see the 14th World Cross Country.

Around this has been a number of European Cups, World Cups, International Matches, Word Championships and European Championships.

Like Phil Mark has been involved with a revolution in British Sport that truely had its culmination in the London Olympics. Much of the credit for the success of the athletes at the London Games can be placed with the meticulous preparation, care and attention behind the scenes with the HIgh Performance Centers, English Intitute of Sport and UK Sport and its Lottery Funding.

Mark was asked by UK Athletics in 1998 to be the first Physiotherapist at a High Performance Center in the UK. This was at Loughborough University but essentially the first two years were spent working out of a changing room in the wooden Pavillion at the top of the track. During this time Mark worked with UKA and Steve Rippon to develop the HIPAC as it now stands beside the track at the University. Once it had been built Mark developed the medical service up until the 2004 Olympic Games when he decided that the job had grown so big it was either full time with UKA or leave to concentrate on his very young family and the practice. Rightly family won the day!

Mark has still been very happy to be involved with UK Athetics with the Endurance Squad inparticular and the practice has a reputation nationally and internationally for its empathy and skill with runners and their injuries.