The charge for a physiotherapy treatment session is £48 for up to 40 minutes.

The charges for podiatry and massage are available on request and may not be the same as Physiotherapy.

Unless you are claiming through an insurance company then please pay on the day.

Our fees are very competitive given the quality of service we feel is provided. We have 40 minute treatment slots across the board as we do not feel we can do the job properly in less. We reassess at every treatment session and the extra time we allow is invaluable to ensuring the best treatment is afforded to the patient.

Can I claim through my private health insurance?

Yes. If you do wish to claim through an insurance company please ensure that they know you are coming for treatment before you have your first appointment.   It may also be necessary for you to have been referred by your GP or specialist and that they sign your claim form. Please ensure that you bring all your insurance details with you when you attend your first appointment. Your invoice will then be sent to the insurance company for payment.

We would also ask that you check your policy with regard to excess. Your insurance company will deduct your excess from our invoice so we would ask that this could be settled promptly.